It’s All Jumbled Up!

I have finally done it! This is something I have wanted to do for a long, long time. I have a blog!

I’ve always found it interesting how the fabric that makes us who we are is often woven and connected by seemingly unrelated events and people.

What makes us, builds us, influences us are seemingly unrelated, but often timely circumstances or events of loved ones and even strangers. If we were to pull these episodes apart and view them individually, I think it looks a lot like a junk drawer; it’s all jumbled up! The magic happens when we put all these ingredients together. That’s when it looks a whole lot less like just a junk drawer and a whole lot more like life!

This is where I hope to share with family and friends stories about life raising Blake and Blaire! Stories that will be anecdotes, sometimes funny, sometimes not!

It will not be long before you see in our family, life, it’s all jumbled up!